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Whole House Surge Protector

Our Austin-based electricians are prepared to safeguard your home against surges with our whole-home surge protector installation service.

About Whole House Surge Protector

A whole house surge protector is installed at the main breaker box where the power comes into the house and will protect everything that is connected to your electrical system.  It ties into the electrical system on it’s own breaker at the main breaker box.  If it fails or that breaker trips, you do not lose power to the house, but you will lose the surge protection.

There are two green LED lights on the unit that you can see when it is operating correctly.  If one or both of those are off, you’ll know you need to have it checked.

From installation to maintenance, our team is dedicated to delivering top-notch service and support.

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Eaton Ultra Whole House Surge Protector