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Whole House Surge Protection

Eaton Ultra Whole House Surge Protector

A whole house surge protector is installed at the main breaker box where the power comes into the house and will protect everything that is connected to your electrical system.  It ties into the electrical system on it’s own breaker at the main breaker box.  If it fails or that breaker trips, you do not lose power to the house, but you will lose the surge protection.  There are two green LED lights on the unit that you can see when it is operating correctly.  If one or both of those are off, you’ll know you need to have it checked.

This provides surge protection for everything connected to your electrical system including devices you either can’t or don’t normally put on a surge protector strip.  This includes items like your fridge, microwave, AC units, dryers, washers, dishwashers, disposals, etc.  Anything with a circuit board in it is at risk from a surge.

This device makes those expensive surge suppressors you would put on computer or entertainment systems unnecessary.  If you’ve already got some in use, keep them as there is nothing wrong with redundant protection.  However, if you add a system, you don’t need to purchase a high dollar surge strip if you’ve got the whole house protection at your main breaker box.  You might need an inexpensive one to add some places to plug in, but your main level of protection would be at the main breaker box with this device.

We have selected this unit for it’s level of protection, warranty, and cost effectiveness.

Please visit the manufacturer’s website for more details on the product.

Warranty and Quote Information

Eaton’s Warranty Information

Limited Lifetime Product Warranty – $75,000 connected equipment warranty

To Submit a Warranty Claim: contact EatonCare @ (1-877-ETN-CARE) Option #2, Option #1.

You will be requested to send, at minimum, the following information:

a. Your full name.

b. Complete address including Zip (no PO boxes allowed).

c. A copy of the dated sales receipt.

d. A letter explaining the incident.

e. For a Protection Policy claim, send a copy of your insurance claim with detailed information regarding the damaged items, cost of repair or replacement.


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