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Meet the Team Behind Grayzer Electric

The Grayzer Team

Our team of licensed electricians are highly skilled and experienced in all aspects of electrical work. We invest in ongoing training and education to ensure that we stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and techniques. Their skills are elite when it comes to EV charging station installations, breaker box replacements and upgrades, and whole house surge protector installations.

Max Clarey - Grayzer Electric

Max Clarey

Journeyman Electrician – License # 184016

Max, hailing originally from New Zealand, found his way to the vibrant city of Austin in the early 2000s, driven by his passion for rugby. As our longest-tenured electrician, Max has been an integral part of our team for nearly a decade, showcasing exceptional talent and dedication in his craft. Beyond his electrical prowess, Max’s athletic prowess shines brightly as he continues to excel in various sports, often emerging victorious in company events of the sporting nature.

In addition to his professional and athletic endeavors, Max cherishes his role as a devoted father, finding joy and fulfillment in raising his two children. Currently calling Georgetown home, Max embodies the spirit of hard work, resilience, and camaraderie both on and off the field.

Todd Phillips - Grayzer Electric

Todd Phillips

Apprentice Electrician – License # 407354

Meet Todd, our beloved team member who brings sunshine wherever he goes. Standing tall at 6’5″ with striking red hair, Todd is like a friendly teddy bear, always ready to lift spirits and spread positivity. Fondly known as Positive Patty, Todd joined our team in 2017 and has since become an indispensable part of our family, keeping things organized and running smoothly with his infectious enthusiasm and can-do attitude.

Whether you’re having a rough day or need a boost of motivation, Todd is your go-to guy. With his boundless optimism and knack for finding the silver lining, he’s sure to turn any frown upside down. In addition to his uplifting presence, Todd is also a talented musician, creating soulful tunes that resonate with the heart.

When he’s not brightening our workplace with his infectious energy, Todd can be found composing music that speaks to the soul, weaving melodies and rhythms that inspire and uplift. While Todd may soon be tying the knot and embarking on a new chapter in his life, his legacy as a dedicated team player and passionate musician will live on. If you’re ever in need of a ray of sunshine, a helping hand, or some soulful tunes, look no further than Todd—he’s always there to brighten your day and lift your spirits.

Zack Wharton - Grayzer Electric

Zack Wharton

Wireman Electrician – License # 644607

Meet Zack, our youngest electrician whose age belies his exceptional skill and aptitude in the field. Despite his relatively short time in the trade, Zack’s rapid mastery of his craft is nothing short of impressive. Hailing from a background in pool service, Zack seamlessly transitioned into the world of electrical work, quickly acquiring new skills and knowledge along the way.

In a remarkable feat, Zack passed his wireman’s test in just two years, the fastest timeframe achievable—a testament to his dedication and innate talent. Not one to shy away from challenges, Zack honed his expertise in conduit bending through a combination of on-the-job learning and self-study at home, showcasing his remarkable resourcefulness and determination.

With an unwavering commitment to excellence and a natural knack for learning, Zack continues to make significant contributions to our team, embodying the spirit of innovation and growth in everything he does.

Our Services

Founded and rooted in the Austin, TX area, we remain committed to serving our local community. Grayzer Electric has predominantly focused on residential projects, complemented by occasional commercial service work.

Our portfolio includes new construction, remodels, and service projects.  Presently, our primary focus lies in home EV charging station installations, breaker box replacements and upgrades, whole house surge protector installations, recessed can installations, and residential service work.

Are we licensed and insured?

Absolutely!!  The business and all of our electricians are licensed by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR).  Our contractor’s license is TECL #28347 and each electrician that works here has their own individual license.  The footer on all of our webpages has the TDLR contact information as required by law.  We carry General Liability insurance, Workman’s Comp insurance, and offer health insurance to all of our employees.

See what it takes to wrap one of our vans


This is what a brand new wrap looks like on one of our vans.  We use Austin Color Labs for this process.  They print out the sheets of vinyl on a 4′ wide printer and apply them with a slight overlap on each sheet to make the graphics line up

Grayzer Electric van freshly wrapped for EV charging station installations.


The sheets of vinyl are lightly laid on the van and held in place with magnets while they dial in their placement.  Once that placement has been perfected, a squeegee will be used to apply pressure and activate the glue so it sticks to the van.

Grayzer Electric van being wrapped to get ready for Tesla Wall Charger installations


The vinyl is temporarily held in place with magnets and tape.  The edges will be trimmed with a knife once the glue has been activated.

Grayzer Electric van getting wrapped to get ready for more charging station installations.


Heat can be applied to the sheets of vinyl if they get a crease or wrinkles in them.  This allows the vinyl to smooth out and be reapplied tight to the surface of the van.  The glue is both heat and pressure activated.

Grayzer Electric van getting wrapped so it can install more home EV charging stations


A view down the completed side of the van.  That back piece hasn’t been glued in place just yet as they are making sure everything is aligned properly.

Grayzer Electric van getting ready for more car charger installations in Austin, TX